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As a result of continuous exposure to the elements, roofs suffer constant wear and tear, causing damage to occur quickly. At Millbrook Roofing Experts, we specialize in commercial roofing replacements and repairs. We understand that businesses have unique needs and therefore require custom solutions. We know that roofing problems like leaks can disrupt business operations, thus cutting into your revenue and can sometimes lead to the downfall of a business. It is for that reason we offer Emergency Roofing Services. Millbrook Roofing Experts will ensure that you can continue operating while we do what we do best.

Performing regular roof inspections and gutter cleaning can help in the prevention of leaks and build-up of mildew and moss and can save businesses and homeowners thousands of dollars. Our Roofing Contractors are the best in the business and offer a no-obligation consultation.

Some of our Commercial Roofing Services include:

Metal Roofing

While energy savings are the biggest appeal to metal roofs, many businesses are also drawn to the available color variations. We’ve been providing metal roofing products for decades, so we understand the wide range of options available to businesses that use metal roofs.

Flat Roofing:

Since many flat roofs are constructed for commercial use, we use the best roofing materials to ensure that they last for as long as possible.

Coating Systems:

Millbrook Roofing Experts offers roof coatings in a variety of technologies including acrylic, silicone and polyurethane to meet many different needs and budgets. GAF roof coatings increase the life of roofs, while protecting them from the damaging effects of weather and the environment.

At, Millbrook Roofing Experts, we strive to give the most professional and affordable roofing services in Millbrook, Prattville, Coosada, Elmore, Deatsville, Montgomery, Pike Road and Wetumpka. Treating every customer with respect and integrity, giving fair estimates and providing high quality roofing services are qualities we uphold.

Our team of Roofing Contractors are licensed and experienced and deliver high quality service with a smile. Give us a call for your FREE Quote!


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